Share Shed Totnes

How it works

Becoming a member of the Share Shed:

  • Pop into the Share Shed (by the Guildhall Yard, behind St Mary’s Church, on Totnes High Street) and fill in a form, bringing in a form of ID with your name and address on it.
  • You’ll be asked to read and agree with the Borrower’s Agreement (you can read it here).
  • As you complete the activation of your account, you’ll be asked a donation to the project (between £1 and £10). Please note: These donations are a crucial part

Once you are a member of the Share Shed:

  • You can borrow any item in stock – see our inventory here.
  • The borrowing period is one week, from Saturday to Saturday.
  • To borrow an item we ask for a donation (between £0.50 and £5, depending on the item). We are trying to keep costs low in order to be as accessible as possible, and by donating a small amount you are helping to ensure that the good work at the Share Shed can continue.
  • Bring items back on the agreed date, so they can be available for others to borrow.
  • Enjoy sharing!

How it works


Visit the Share Shed (by the Guildhall Yard, behind St Mary’s Church, on Totnes High Street) with some form of ID, a proof of address and a contribution between £1 and £10, and sign up to become a member. You’ll pay a nominal fee from £0.50 to £5 for each item borrowed, helping to ensure the project’s sustainability. You can check the inventory to see what is available. Each item is borrowed initially for a week (from Saturday to Saturday, with the possibility of extending this period according to your needs), and then it is returned so someone else can borrow it.


Could you spare a few hours a week volunteering at the Share Shed? Or would you like to support us at one of our local events? Or perhaps you could help with publicity? We welcome any help! Please contact us if you are interested in helping out.

Donating your stuff

Thinking of de-cluttering your garage or that spare room? If you have any useful items you no longer need and that are in good/working condition, please contact us to see if these are things we could make use of at the Share Shed. Also, please check out our Wish List to see the most wanted items.

Support this cause

There are many ways you can support the Share Shed:

  • Become a member
  • Volunteer at the Share Shed
  • Donate useful items that are in good/working condition
  • Donate money, so we can continue funding the project
  • Stay in touch and help to spread the word!
  • Like our Facebook page
  • Tweet using #ShareShedTotnes
  • Sign up for email updates
  • If you have any further ideas, questions or suggestions then please, get in contact!